As a volunteer, you will have access to the same things as the spectators - the music, the food, the fun and the party. You will play an essential role in the success of this entire event!

This year, volunteer shifts for 80/35 are available from Thursday through Sunday in a variety of areas. A majority of volunteer shifts last between 4 and 5 hours, some are shorter. A number of shifts are available before and after 80/35 for set up and tear down.

Volunteer needs include checking wristbands, selling drink tickets, admissions, helping with recycling efforts on-site, gate control and much more.

Volunteer Benefits

Earn a One-Day Ticket (Day of Your Choice)
- For each 4-5 hour shift on Thursday 7/5, or Friday 7/6 (before 3:30 pm)

Earn a One-Day Ticket (Day You Volunteer)
- 4-5 hour shift before 6pm on Friday 7/6 or Saturday 7/7

Earn a Two-Day Ticket
- 4-5 hour shift after 6pm on Friday 7/6, Saturday 7/7, or anytime Sunday 7/8.

Plus, all volunteers get an official 80/35 staff t-shirt.

IMPORTANT Information Regarding Your Volunteer Commitment:

Either via email prior to 80/35, or upon arrival for your shift at 80/35 Volunteer Headquarters, you will be asked to provide a bank card number for VHQ to keep on file. Your credit card will have a hold for 7 days from the time it is entered into our system. Debit cards will be deducted immediately. Credit cards will not be charged unless you receive your tickets and do not show up at your confirmed job or if you abandon your confirmed shift during the festival.

If you use a CREDIT CARD: We will place an authorization on your credit card for $85.00. If you complete your volunteer commitment, the authorization will be removed after seven days and you will NOT be charged. If you use a DEBIT CARD: $85 will be removed from your account when you submit this form. If you complete your volunteer commitment, the full $85 will be refunded after seven days. The organizers of 80/35 or VolunteerLocal will not have access to your credit card data. Please email us at volunteer@desmoinesmc.com with questions.

Sorry, there are not any shifts available online at this time.

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